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Andrea Rossi ECAT – March update

Here is a summary of the latest ECAT developments made by Andrea Rossi:  Andrea Rossi has developed a new design of the ECAT Home unit which is 33cm x 33cm x 6cm and can be put vertically or horizontally. Total weight is 10 kg The technology is completely changed, new patents have been applied for, an intense testing program is going on with very good result Leonardo Corp will defend its Intellectual Property against copycats in all necessary courts The new ECAT Home unit has two simple connections for input and output of water No pictures will be released until ... Read more

1MW Power Plants now with reduced price to reflect new technological breakthroughs

  Readers of Andrea Rossi’s website Journal Of Nuclear Physics, has been asking questions lately about pricing. The initial price of the 1 MW plant was set to $2M per unit.  Now, only two months later, the price has dropped to $1,5M to reflect the success in recent developments. The large cost cut can be attributed to several factors including: A close and successful collaboration with the first (still undisclosed) customer New favorable and scaleable production processes Strong partners within manufacturing, software and logistics For more information regarding the two ECAT-models please read more on the ECAT product information page. ... Read more

E-Cat News & Questions Weekly Digest from Andrea Rossi

Question: The expected price of the 10kW module has recently been reduced to $1500. Does this mean the 1MW plant will be cheaper as well? Answer:  No, the 1 MW plants have a totally different technology and they have not the same economy scale. Of course, anyway we are going to cut also the price of the 1 MW plants, but not in the same mea sure. For the industrial plants ( the 1 MW plants) the price from 2012 will be around 1,500.00 US$/kW, moreless 10%. The domestic E-Cats of 10 kW will be manufactured with a different technology ... Read more