ECAT Replications

May 2017

Jiang Songsheng of the Chinese Academy of Atomic Energy. This experiment is a part of the experimental results made by engineer Zhang Hang of Xi'an. The results show that the device using porous nickel has a large overheating, which provides solid experimental data for to continue exploring the technology. Read

June 2016

Nickel-Hydrogen Reaction Endurance Tests Using a Flow Calorimeter A. G. Parkhomov, Experimental Design Laboratory, KIT Read

Oct 2015

Experimental Measurement of Excess Thermal Energy Released from a Cell Loaded with a Mixture of Nickel Powder and Lithium Aluminum Hydride by I.N. Stepanov, Y.I. Malakhov and Chi Nguyen Quoc Read

May 2015

New result of anomalous heat production in hydrogen-loaded metals at high temperature Ni-H Research Group China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing, China Read

Mar 2015

Results of the long-time testing of the new variant of the analog of thermogenerator of Rossi By Alexander Georgevich Parkhomov (Russia) Read