An Impossible Invention is the book that tells the amazing story about the E-Cat, Andrea Rossi and cold fusion. It’s written by technology and science journalist Mats Lewan who has reported on the E-Cat since 2011 and who has gained fascinating behind-the-scenes information through his contacts with people involved, which he describes in great detail in the book. Beyond the story in itself Lewan also brings up an important discussion on what is considered impossible in science, and why. The second edition was released in December 2014 and contains minor corrections and a few updates on recent events. It’s now available as e-book and paperback through Amazon  where you also can find reviews and more details on the book. The book’s website with the author’s blog and regular updates is An Impossible Invention
Other e-book formats than Amazon’s Kindle can also be found at the website.

Review from Mike Ackley on Amazon (avg. rating 4.9):

Excellent Read!

This has to be one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read. It is truly engaging. Even before reading, I’m convinced that Rossi’s work is genuine. The implications of this discovery is world-changing and of enormous benefit to civilisation. It cannot be overlooked. The book explains the journey thus far, the work, and some of the political and scientific considerations encountered. To me, there are many discoveries which cannot be fully explained at the beginning – this does not make them less truthful or worthy of open minded evaluation. The book gives a fascinating insight into behind-the-scenes activities of a pioneer in a very complex scientific field. Well done, Mats Lewan for your excellent book.