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Official ECAT 1MW one year report from Expert Responsible for Validation

Test report for the ECAT 1MW USA Plant consisting of 115 power generation units, grouped into modules. Expert Responsible for Validation Ing Fabio Penon ( Nuclear Engineer) for 1 MW E-Cat The Expert Responsible for Validation certifies that for a period of 350 days the ECAT 1MW plant consistently produced energy exceeding six times the energy consumed. Thus the guaranteed performance was accordingly achieved. From the annexes of the report one can read of daily Coefficient Of Performance (COP) factors ranging from 63 to 139 with an average of around COP 80 for the whole 350 day period.

ECAT Quark X preliminary report findings

Report Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A THIRD PARTY REPORT AND ALL THE MEASUREMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE BY ANDREA ROSSI AND HIS TEAM. THEREFORE THESE RESULTS CANNOT BE CONSIDERED AT ANY EFFECT OTHER THAN AN INTERNAL PROCESS CONTROL, NOTHING MORE. DESCRIPTION OF THE QUARK X: Cylinder made with proper material: Dimensions: length 30 mm   diam  1 mm Energy produced: 100 Wh/h Energy consumed: 0.5 Wh/h Light produced (percentage of the energy produced): 0-50% Electric energy produced: 0-10% Heat produced: 0- 100% Light, energy and heat can be modulated to modulate the percentages within the limits above listed, provided the combined ... Read more


For immediate release : Leonardo Corporation announced today, June 2, 2016, that it has terminated the license granted to Industrial Heat, LLC. for the Energy Catalyzer (“E-Cat”) technology. Effective immediately, Leonardo Corporation has the sole and exclusive right to the E- Cat intellectual property in all territories previously licensed to Industrial Heat, LLC. According to Leonardo Corporation, the decision to terminate Industrial Heat, LLC.’s license follows Industrial Heat, LLC.’s failure to pay the agreed upon licensing fee. The license previously granted to Industrial Heat, LLC gave the company the exclusive rights to use the E-Cat intellectual property in the geographic ... Read more

Leonardo Corporation comments on E-Cat IP-rights and licenses

Andrea Rossi publicly addressed the global E-Cat license status on his blog on Journal of Nuclear Physics: “At this time, there has been no change to the Territory licensed to Industrial Heat, LLC or any of its affiliated companies. Leonardo Corporation remains the owner of ALL the E- Cat related intellectual property and continues to work with multiple licensees, including the great Swedish Team of Hydrofusion ( one of our pillars ) throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Warm Regards, Dr Andrea Rossi, CEO of Leonardo Corporation.”   Leonardo Corporation and its CEO & Founder, Andrea Rossi, have ... Read more

Public concept drawings of domestic ECAT

We have received conceptual drawings of the domestic ECAT from the reader Daniel Badoual that’s very interesting. Thank you Daniel. All images posted below. All images courtesy of Daniel Badoual.