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New CAD model released of ECAT 1MW Plant in operation
The ECAT 1MW plant is undergoing changes in design and performance rapidly and these newer CAD models reflect that development more accurately than previous generation ECAT models. Generated by Sweden based Graphics.se All new images can be viewed here.
E-CAT Patent Granted by USPTO
Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation receive its first ECAT patent in the United States from the US Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO. See ECAT Patents or external link to ECAT Patent at USPTO. The Patent covers the ECAT as a Fluid Heater based on the Rossi Effect in all its details. Since the Rossi Effect is the main source of energy of the ECAT, this means that the ECAT Core Technology is protected by this patent. The Rossi Effect is based on the exothermal reaction between Lithium and Hydrogen which is catalyzed by Nickel or any other Group 10 elements[...]
Second edition of ’An impossible Invention’ — now also on Amazon
An Impossible Invention is the book that tells the amazing story about the E-Cat, Andrea Rossi and cold fusion. It’s written by technology and science journalist Mats Lewan who has reported on the E-Cat since 2011 and who has gained fascinating behind-the-scenes information through his contacts with people involved, which he describes in great detail in the book. Beyond the story in itself Lewan also brings up an important discussion on what is considered impossible in science, and why. The second edition was released in December 2014 and contains minor corrections and a few updates on recent events. It’s now available as[...]
ECAT Test Report 2014 – validates Rossi Effect
In an unexpected turn of events the highly anticipated test report has recently started to circulate online. Although still pending publication, ECAT.com can today confirm that this is indeed the submitted ECAT Test Report: Observation of abundant heat production from a reactor device and of isotopic changes in the fuel Giuseppe Levi Bologna University, Bologna, Italy Evelyn Foschi Bologna, Italy Bo Höistad, Roland Pettersson and Lars Tegnér Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden Hanno Essén Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden Abstract “New results are presented from an extended experimental investigation of anomalous heat production in a special type of reactor tube[...]
Warning for fraudulent websites claiming ECAT partnership
It has come to our knowledge that a fraudulent website “Pulsodream” has surfaced on the Internet. They are illegally seeking investments related to ECAT products by Leonardo Corporation. “Pulsodream” do NOT have any licenses or rights to sell or market the ECAT under Leonardo Corporation, NOR representing any other Licensee of Leonardo Corporation. “Pulsodream” is a total fraud and has been reported to the appropriate authorities. Please be aware. /The ECAT Team