ECAT 1MW Plant

ECAT Licensees

Leonardo Corp have a number of Licensees for its products for various regions around the world including its northern Europe Licensee Hydro Fusion Ltd, which also attended the E-Cat 1MW October test. All E-Cat Licensees have attended demos of operating E-Cat units.

A convention will be held for all E-Cat Licensees and is set for October. An official list of all licensees will then be published online here at


ECAT 1 MW Updates

One ECAT 1 MW plant has been delivered and is working in a military facility. Andrea Rossi recently made the following statement:

“The 1 MW plant has been delivered and is working in a military concern. It has been made in the USA, after the October test of the prototype made in Italy; such prototype will be delivered, with the modifications which we will complete based on what we learnt from the model at work, to a European Customer in July. ”

  • The ECAT 1 MW plant in USA is now stable at very high temperatures.
  • The industrial plants will get the necessary certification within weeks.
  • The price for an E-Cat 1 MW plant is still $1.5M; orders can be made from the inquiry form on the right side at this website.


ECAT Home Updates

The development of the ECAT Home unit is progressing according to plan. An important temperature stability has been achieved in the E-Cat home unit development. The safety issues related to the E-Cat home unit running at very high temperatures are now in progress.

The certification progress is well underway and Leonardo Corp is working closely with an independent safety authority to minimize the time to certification. Leonardo Corp is now awaiting the exact requirements related to a rapid emergency shut-off system for the E-Cat home unit.

If you want to use the E-Cat like a standalone independent heating unit, you will need to connect it to a radiator through a circuit. This must be done by a professional installer, for safety reasons.

The instruction manual for the E-Cat will be developed according to specifications from the independent safety authority and will be published on

The final cost of the home device will be set after certifications are acquired.

To pre-order an ECAT Home unit just fill in the ECAT inquiry form to the right.


ECAT Technology Updates

Leonardo Corp and Andrea Rossi is currently working on a new reactor type with specifications far better than the previous versions of E-Cat. The canonical improvement is that the new E-Cat is now working stably at much higher temperatures than previously achieved. These temperatures allows for a vast number of electricity solutions at 40%+ gross heat-to-power efficiencies and 25%+ net efficiencies taking into account the power used by the process. The design allows for merely any heat transferring media including water/steam, heat-transferring-oils, molten salts but also hot air.

The high temperature E-Cat reactor currently in test also opens up for applications with Stirling Engines. The new reactor is smaller in size and has a charge of 1.5 grams and more shielding than the original reactor. The new progress also gives the possibility to increase the COP for industrial applications.

Currently a one month long E-Cat test is in progress as part of the new development process. Stay tuned to for the latest developments.