ECAT 1MW exterior image

You can find more ECAT 1MW pictures here. 

Dear reader, here are the latest developments regarding the ECAT in April:

  • The ECAT is environmentally perfectly safe to use and will respect product application requirements
  • The ECAT is in the process of being certified by an independent safety authority
  • If temperature goes above allowed limit, the Nickel inside the device melts and the ECAT stops because melted Ni does expels all absorbed Hydrogen.
  • (The ECAT uses regular Nickel, thus eliminating some of the theories that rely on nano-sized particles to deal with the nuclear barrier effect)
  • Regardless of the mass of lead, the ECAT is stable up to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • In case the reactor heats by accident, the lead shield of the ECAT unit is not affected because it is isolated in an area that remains under 200 degrees Celsius all the time.
  • (Liquid lead has created problems when used as a primary fluid. It’s been tested with the ECAT, but it’s not a viable alternative, because it can generate issues such as: pump problems, condensation when the temperature goes down for any reason, etc.)
  • In case of a short blackout, the ECAT goes in self-sustained mode under the control of an electronic system.
  • In case of a longer blackout, the control system turns off the ECAT and the stopping process lasts 1 hour.
  • Currently the restart process is a manual one and can be transmitted remotely through a cell phone.
  • ECATS’s maximum temperature achievable with an optimum number of cores connected in series is today 260 degrees, potentially higher without changing phase heat vectors

ECAT 1MW Plant with 52 ecat units

Rossi is planning to set up a division to produce and sell thermal energy and adding ECAT plants to the district heating grids and later electric grids.

Various potential technologies suitable for a power-generating module for the ECAT Home device have been suggested and are in the pipeline to be tested.

Most important advantages of would be:

  • Modern design
  • Compactability
  • Scalability (from 1.2 KW to 15KW)
  • Steam turbine tech
  • Operate on 200 degrees C steam