appointed Andrea Rossi’s Official ECAT Website

Today, in a mutual agreement with Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation, has been appointed the Official ECAT Website.

Hydro Fusion is truly honored by Andrea Rossi’s request to appoint its domain as the Official ECAT Website of Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corporation and the future home for all official ECAT-related matters.

If you are completely new to the ECAT-fusor technology, this user friendly portal will explain everything you want to know about the technology and the products. Also check out the ECAT Energy Cost Calculator to help you calculate the cost/kWh for thermal energy.

If you are a potential ECAT customer and seek further information, our inquiry form helps you define and decide upon the best option for your needs. also offers video interviews, extensive FAQs and news related to the ECAT-fusor technology.

Welcome to the cold fusion revolution.