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It all started in the 1970s. Inventor, entrepreneur, and former long-distance runner Andrea Rossi then developed his interest in environmental applications. 

He began with technology for cleaning smoke emissions and moved on to energy applications with a pioneering process turning organic waste into what today is called biofuel.

Continuing along the same path, Rossi started experimenting with the Ecat technology in the 1990s. Over the years, more members joined the team, contributing with their expertise to develop a clean, fossil-free, and affordable energy source.

In 2019, the team performed the first experiments producing electricity with the Ecat, and in 2020 the development of the lamp Ecat SKLed started, followed by R&D on the power source Ecat SKLep in 2021. 

Now, you can become a member of the team together with your community, spreading the word and helping to reach one million preorders to make the lamp and the power source as affordable as possible.

It will allow us all to light up and power the world in a sustainable way.