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Why have we not previously heard of research on Zero Point Energy (ZPE) and of the Ecat technology?

Reporting on technology development occurring at the border of established physics requires several qualities—solid scientific training, great openness, true humility, and high courage.

The audience you can target at an early stage might also be limited. It makes spreading the awareness of technology such as the Ecat challenging.

In addition to this, the inventor initially believed that the effect had its origin in so-called LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions), with a series of theoretical issues. It took him years of experiments and studies, most of them collected in the bibliography of his paper until he could understand that the concept of ZPE was resolving all the theoretical issues raised by LENR.

Why hasn't the Ecat technology been turned into a product until now?

Ten years for going from an idea to a product is perfectly normal with known physics. With unknown physics, 10 or 20 years for arriving at a product could be considered a feat and impressively fast.


Ecat SKLep

How much is 100W?

100W would power your TV-set continuously. But 100W non-stop power could be used in more ways.

Producing 100W for 24 hours means 2400 Wh or 2.4 kWh of energy.

An average household in the EU consumes about 10 kWh of energy per day, so with 4 or 5 Ecat SKLep and some energy storage, you would theoretically cover the electricity consumption of an average household.

How much is 1W (the power consumption of the Ecat SKLep)?

1W is very little power. It is less than the consumption of essentially any device or lamp you have at home. It can easily be provided from a rechargeable battery. 

Can the output power from the Ecat SKLep be regulated?

Yes, using the knob on the top of the Ecat SKLep you can regulate the output voltage, and thus also the output power. 

What is the knob on the top of the Ecat SKLep used for?

The knob is used for regulating the output voltage, and thus the output power from the Ecat SKLep. 

What cost for electricity production can be expected with Ecat SKLep compared to e.g. solar and wind power?

Low enough to be highly competitive.

How does the Ecat technology inside the Ecat SKLep work?

The Ecat technology stands on 20 years of R&D and is based on an innovative way to apply the physics of the electron, and on what is called Zero Point Energy. A theoretical hypothesis, explaining the operation of the Ecat technology, is presented by inventor Andrea Rossi in his paper E-Cat SK and long-range particle interactions, which has been read 71,000+ times and can be downloaded here.

By how much does the Ecat EKLep reduce CO2 emissions?

If you use the Ecat SKLep to replace power from the grid you will consume 100W less grid power. In 24 hours, you will have saved about 2,4 kWh of energy. The world average carbon intensity of electricity generated is 475 g CO2/kWh, so on average, depending on where you live, you will reduce CO2 emissions by about 1 kg in 24 hours.

Which are the advantages to generating electricity with Ecat SKLep compared to other methods?

Lower cost, no CO2, no pollutants or emissions of any kind, no fuel consumption, continuous availability 24/7, decentralized, small size, low weight, portable/mobile.

Are there any disadvantages?

Honestly, we don’t think so, but maybe we are wrong. Not that we are aware of, though.

In which applications will Ecat SKLep first come into practical use?

We believe for recharging of batteries.

Which applications are next in line?

We believe heating.

How much money do I save on electricity?

If you use Ecat SKLep to replace power from the grid you will use about 100W less grid power. In 24 hours, you will have saved about 2,4 kWh of energy. In the EU, the average price per kWh is about 0.21 euro, meaning that you will save about 0.5 euro in 24 hours, or 180 euro in a year.

Is the Ecat SKLep safe?

Yes, the Ecat SKLep is safe. It doesn’t contain any hazardous materials, and it has no emissions. It has been certified for safety and carries the CE-mark.

Can I preorder the power source now?

Yes, you can preorder the power source here now.

How many units can I preorder?

You can preorder as many units as you like. Please contact us for large quantity discounts.

Can you combine several SKLep to achieve higher power values?

Yes, by interconnecting the desired number of SKLep in the same way as with solar panels.

When do I have to pay?

You will pay for the Ecat SKLep only when it is time for shipping. Leonardo Corporation will inform you the day before the shipment.

When will I get the Ecat SKLep?

As soon as we get 1,000,000 preorders for the power source, production will start and you will get your Ecat SKLep as soon as possible. Leonardo Corporation will inform you when the deliveries will begin. In any case Leonardo Corporation will inform you of the delivery date within December 31st, 2022.

Can I change my mind?

Yes, you can change your mind any time, by sending an email, cancelling your order.

How can the price be so low?

In order to make the lamp and the Ecat SKLep as affordable as possible we have set the preorder requirement to 1,000,000 units. In this way we can keep the production cost of some specially designed components low.

What happens if the Ecat SKLep doesn’t work?

If the performance power source does not correspond to the data-sheet published on Ecat.com, you have 60 days after the delivery to return the Ecat SKLep. The refund will be made immediately after Leonardo Corporation receives the returned Ecat SKLep integer, without parts that are broken or tampered with.

What happens if the Ecat SKLep breaks?

The Ecat SKLep comes with a 3 years warranty.

How long lifetime does the Ecat SKLep have?

The expected operational lifetime of the SKLep is up to 100,000 hours, meaning about ten years of uninterrupted, continuous use.

Which are the maintenance requirements and the cost of maintenance?

It will be detailed in the manual delivered to the customer, and it depends on the situation.

Can I recycle the Ecat SKLep?

Yes, the Ecat SKLep can be completely recycled by Leonardo Corporation.

Are there other Ecat-based products?

The Ecat SKLep (ep stands for electricity production) was introduced at our online event on December 9, 2021. As soon as other applications are mature, Leonardo Corporation aims at presenting more products making use of clean and affordable energy from the Ecat technology.

Planning & Strategy

How will Leonardo Corp be able to produce Ecat products in line with the expected sharp increase in demand?

With a mix of outsourcing and restricted assembling.

How and where do you register an interest in using or licensing Ecat technology in your own product?

Please contact us.

Are there already discussions with vehicle manufacturers?

Yes,  but for future application. R&D on mobile applications is ongoing but the present version of SKLep still requires a constant grid connection.

What is the strategy for the fastest possible diffusion of Ecat technology?

Making working products.

What partners does Leonardo Corporation have to be able to quickly exploit Ecat technology?


Has the Ecat products been demonstrated to other manufacturers and customers? What were the reactions?

Yes, and positive. 

Finance & Market

What cost for electricity production can be expected with Ecat technology compared to e.g. solar and wind power?

We are not ready to give a precise answer on the cost for electricity production yet. But keep in mind that the Ecat SKLep works practically in self-sustained mode, using the zero point energy (as Tesla dreamed of doing…), not consuming any kind of fuel or matter.

How and where will Ecat products be sold and distributed?

Through the Internet and through local licensees in all the world.

When will the first Ecat based system for electricity production come into practical operation? With which customer? In which application?

As soon as possible we will give this information.

How will the introduction of Ecat SKLep affect current national energy strategies?

We are not able to answer: this will be a revolution in a complex system.

Will the Ecat SKLep eventually be able to take over as the most important energy source?

Very difficult to answer, but we believe that there will be a synergy between all sustainable energy sources.

How and where can you invest in Ecat technology?

Please contact us.

Technology & Science

How environmentally friendly is the Ecat technology really? Are there any radiations or consumption of rare elements for example?

It has no radiations and no emissions at all. It does not consume any fuel or any matter. It contains small amounts of harmless elements such as lithium but it can be totally recycled.

Can you give a simple explanation of how the Ecat SKLep can produce electricity?

A simple explanation is impossible, apart from saying “just turn it on”.  It is based on what is called Zero Point Energy, which is a very complex concept in which energy can be extracted from the vacuum though quantum effects. It is explained in the inventor’s paper here.

Are there other companies and/or institutions that are working with a similar technology?

Not that we are aware of.

Which are the technical specifications for SKLep?

The specifications can be found at the product page here.

Which are the primary applications for SKLep?

Electricity generation.

How is electricity generated in SKLep?