by ECAT ECAT interviews Professor Focardi in Bologna October 6.

BIO from Wikipedia:
Sergio Focardi is an Italian physicist, emeritus professor at the University of Bologna. He led the Department of Bologna of the (Italian) National Institute for Nuclear Physics and the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences at the University of Bologna.

In the early 90s Sergio Focardi, together with physicists Roberto Habel and Francesco Piantelli, started to develop a nickel-hydrogen exothermal reactor. The results of their research was presented in 1994, and published on the peer-reviewed scientific journal Il Nuovo Cimento A.

Focardi is a member of the President’s Board of the Italian Physical Society. Since 1992 he has been working on cold fusion with Nickel-Hydrogen reactors. Since 2008 Focardi and inventor Andrea Rossi have collaborated on developing the Energy Catalyzer or E-Cat.