Last week the team behind went to Bologna to meet the inventor Andrea Rossi. Many readers of this website and on the internet are very curious about the recent developments. So we asked Mr. Rossi a few questions for clarification and here are his answers. Many of the questions has already been addressed in the show “Smart Scare Crow” as avid followers of the E-cat will recall.

Key takeaways from the 12th of January interview:

  • The ECAT Home unit (domestic E-Cat) will be a small box applied to existing heaters. It will be like a software installed in a computer
  • The domestic E-Cat will be ready for the market between 12-18 months
  • A new factory is being built which is completely robotized
  • “We are finding a way to make good efficiency for electric power”
  • The 10kW home unit can easily be integrated with existing heating systems
When asked about future applications, Rossi mention trains and ships but thinks much work is still to be done before reaching that goal in terms of transportation systems. As stated in previous news, the price has dropped to $1.5M (25%) for the 1MW Plant and the automated control system for 24/7 operation is in its final stage. More videos will be released shortly as well as new presentation material.