This is the second video in a series of new videos made in Bologna on the 12th of January. In this particular clip, Rossi answers questions regarding cold fusion, about competition and the upcoming independent 3rd party validation of the E-Cat.

Key takeaways:

  • Andrea Rossi is working on a solution for an independent validation of the ECAT together with two universities but prefers not to mention them by name
  • A certification process is on the way to prove the ECAT Home unit safe for domestic use
  • Rossi and his workforce are making experiments and tests in a closed environment in his factory rather than “in a theater”
  • “We have some kind of fusion inside but I do not think this is the main energy source”
  • About competitors: “We will be very tough to be beaten”

In the interview Andrea Rossi prefers to call the effect LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reaction instead of the more popular term Cold Fusion which is believed to have emerged as early as 1956 in New York Times. Some people attribute the scientist Luis W. Alvarez’ as to have coined the term during his work on muon-catalyzed fusion which was published in the aforementioned newspaper.

However after University of Utah’s scientists Stanley Pons & Martin Fleischmann’s public announcement of the discovery of cold fusion in 1989, the word has been slightly tarnished. Clean energy advocate Ruby Carat posted this great article on her website Cold Fusion Now about the history behind the terminology surrounding this controversial topic. also recommends cold fusion researcher and electro-chemist  Michael McKubre‘s lecture “What Happened To Cold Fusion?” at Cafe Scientifique in Silicon Valley, 10/11/11 for a better understanding about each word.