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ECAT SK Demo Update

The ECAT SK Demo page is now updated with several edited videos from the demo event. ECAT SK Introduction. Questions and Answers Calculating the Coefficient of Power There is also a full version on interviews Andrea Rossi about E-Cat prices and warranties

This is an additional clip from the interview with Andrea Rossi which was held in Bologna in January 2012. Here are the main points: Costs for maintenance and recharge for the domestic unit will be “some tens of dollars or some tens of euros” Rossi aims to achieve the goal where the 1MW plant will have a payback period (ROI) of about one year. Warranties will be the usual ones covered by the laws for any device in serial production. Up to two years due to any eventual shortcomings deriving from the manufacturing process. Money back if the E-Cat does ... Read more

Andrea Rossi interview – Is ECAT Cold Fusion?

This is the second video in a series of new videos made in Bologna on the 12th of January. In this particular clip, Rossi answers questions regarding cold fusion, about competition and the upcoming independent 3rd party validation of the E-Cat. Key takeaways: Andrea Rossi is working on a solution for an independent validation of the ECAT together with two universities but prefers not to mention them by name A certification process is on the way to prove the ECAT Home unit safe for domestic use Rossi and his workforce are making experiments and tests in a closed environment in ... Read more interviews Andrea Rossi in Bologna

Last week the team behind went to Bologna to meet the inventor Andrea Rossi. Many readers of this website and on the internet are very curious about the recent developments. So we asked Mr. Rossi a few questions for clarification and here are his answers. Many of the questions has already been addressed in the show “Smart Scare Crow” as avid followers of the E-cat will recall. Key takeaways from the 12th of January interview: The ECAT Home unit (domestic E-Cat) will be a small box applied to existing heaters.┬áIt will be like a software installed in a computer ... Read more

ECAT.COM Interviews Focardi. Why did Andrea Rossi succeed?

Filmed in Bologna October 6 by the ECAT.COM Team. Prof. Focardi talks about why he think Andrea Rossi succeeded where others have failed.