ECat SKLep Plant

ECat SKLep 1MW Plant

It is possible now to order pre-built electricity generating Ecat SKLep Plants from Leonardo Corporation. These plants are configured by Leonardo Corp. and are shipped as a completed plant, ready to operate when installed at the customer’s site. This eliminates the need for the customer to configure many individual Ecat SKLep units.

A 1 MW plant will be delivered in a half standard size (20 feet) shipping container. A 2 MW plant will be delivered in a full size (40 feet) standard shipping container, Higher capacity plants will be delivered in multiples of these containers. The minimum size Ecat SKLep power plant that can be ordered is 1 MW. The cost is $2500000 ($2.5 million) per MW (excluding shipping and taxes)

PLEASE NOTE: The Ecat SKLep generates DC electricity. If you choose AC output, you will need to install inverters to adapt DC output to AC. The cost of inverters is not included in this price. Leonardo Corporation can provide inverters for an additional cost, or the customer can install their own.

NO PAYMENTS are required until units are ready for shipping. (You will be contacted when the time comes for payment)

Specifications (per 1 MW Electricity output): 

Size: One half size (20 ft) shipping container
Expected operational lifespan: 100 000 hours
Electricity consumption: 10 kWh/h (voltage can be configured to suit customer needs)
Electricity generation: 1 MWh/h (voltage can be configured to suit customer needs)
Power density: 4.4 liters/kW = 4.4 cubic meters/MW

Delivery of this product will occur only if Leonardo Corporation collects at least one million orders of the Ecat SKLep

See the FAQ and the Science & Tecnology pages for more details on the technology.