Company History

After a variety of research and entrepreneurial experiences in the field of industrial and energy plant design, Andrea Rossi founded Leonardo Corporation in 1997, in Manchester New Hampshire -USA, a company specialized in planning and manufacturing plants and machinery for the production of energy from non-conventional sources.

Andrea Rossi’s earliest research on and high pressure & high temperature nickel-hydrogen reactions dates as far back as to 1991 but most research at this time has been done partial time and after the founding of Leonardo Corporation. First in 2007, the inventor, Andrea Rossi, made the big breakthrough that came to refocus Leonardo Corporation to become a full time R&D company on technology under the brand name E-CAT, short for Energy Catalyzer. Since then several patents has been applied for, tests, demonstrations and validations has been done and Licensing Agreements has been signed.

Now Leonardo Corp. performs its business in Miami -Florida -USA



Collaboration with Emeritus Prof. Sergio Focardi of the University of Bologna begins; Focardi is one of the most respected physicists in the field of nickel-hydrogen reactions

Jan. 14th 2011

First public test of the E-Cat (Journal of Nuclear Physics, 01/14/2011)

Mar. 29th 2011

Non-public test by Professors at the University of Uppsala (Chairman of the Energy Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)

Jul. 2011

Two public tests, monitored by international media

Oct. 6th 2011

A public test, monitored by international media

Sep 5, 2012

Safety Certificate of E-CAT 1 MW Plant, SGS

March 18, 2013

European Figurative Trademark registered by OHIM

May 2014

Independent Third Party Validation Test 2

Aug 25, 2015

Second E-CAT patent approved by US Patent and Trademark Office. This patent protects the core process of the E-CAT Technology

Sept 15, 2015

US Figurative Trademark registered by US Patent Trademark Office

July, 2017

Successful Settlement of the litigation with Industrial Heat et Al.

Juy 18, 2017

ECAT Theory publication on Arxiv


First public presentation of the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer)

Feb. 2011

Non public test (Levi-Rossi)

April 6, 2011

First E-CAT Patent approved by Italian Patent and Trademark Office

Aug. 10, 2011

European Naming Trademark registered by WIPO

Oct 28th 2011

First public test of the first 1 MW E-Cat plant

Mar 2013

Independent Third Party Validation Test 1

July 7, 2013

Safety Certificate of E-CAT -HT by Bureau Veritas

Feb 2015

First E-CAT 1 MW in commercial operation

Sept 8, 2015

US Naming Trademark registered by US Patent Trademark Office

October 19, 2015

Extension of the patentability of the US Patent in 124 Countries issued by the International Patent Office of the USPTO.

February, 2016

Performance Test of the E-Cat 1MW successfully completed

Nov 26, 2017

Presentation of the E-Cat QX in Stockholm