ECAT 1MW Technical Data

ECAT 1MW Technical Specifications
Thermal Output Power 1 MW
Electrical Input Power Peak 200 kW
Electrical input Power Average 167 kW
COP Min 6
Power Ranges 250 kW-1 MW
Modules 4
Power per Module 250kW
Water Pump brand Various
Water Pump Pressure 4 Bar
Water Pump Capacity 1500 kg/hr
Water Pump Ranges 30-1500 kg/hr
Water Input Temperature 4-85 C
Water Output Temperature 85-120 C
Control Box Brand Leonardo Corp.
Controlling Software Leonardo Corp.
Recharge Frequency 2/year
Warranty 2 years
Estimated Lifespan 20 years
Dimension 2.4×2.6x6m
Weight 10t

All data provided above may be subject to change due to the ECATs rapid development. Technical specifications will continuously be updated when changes are made.

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