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The ECAT 1MW plant contains 106 smaller ECAT units mounted in a shipping container. Warranty for functionality is two years with a guaranteed COP of 6, and the plant has an expected life span of 30 years.

The ECAT 1MW plant is constructed inside an international standardized 20ft container which can easily be transferred between different modes of transportation (e.g. ships, air cargo, trains and trucks).

The plant consists of small parallel modules. Each reactor contains three cores and consumes small amounts of treated Nickel powder and Lithium aluminium hydride (LiAlH₄) The plant is recharged by specially trained and certified personnel.

Orders are accepted from all over the world and require a routine due-diligence process. Customers must comply with several criteria set by Leonardo Corporation in order to qualify for a purchase of a ECAT 1MW plant.


ECAT 1 MW Plant Features

  • ECAT 1 MW Plant is a Heat Plant with 1 MW of thermal output through a normal pressure warm water/steam outlet. It can easily be coupled to a secondary high pressure loop for local or district heating.
  • ECAT 1 MW Plant produces energy through a so-called cold fusion process. No combustion takes place; instead Nickel and Hydrogen merge to produce Copper.  Per unit of weight, this process is at least 100,000 more efficient than any known combustion process.
  • ECAT 1 MW Plant is made up of smaller modules where the actual reactor is the size of 20cmx20cmx1cm. These small reactors are coupled in modules of 3 pieces each, then these modules in turn are built into a 20 ‘container with a series of 106 pieces. Power density in the small reactor is as high as 100 kW / L
  • Due to its structure, the ECAT 1MW plant is extremely easy to use.  It is delivered in a standard container which can be stacked if your solution requires multiple ECAT 1MW plants. It also has a convenient plug’n’serve design that makes installation straight forward.

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